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Moose and bear collage
Fawnie Mountain Outfitters are licensed BC big game hunting guides & outfitters, offering guided black bear and moose hunts in the Chilcotin wilderness of British Columbia.

Big bear with salmon caught in the river
Bull Moose in a buckbrush meadow calling for a mate
He caught dinner!
Bull Moose in the rut calling
Our headquarters at Moose Lake
Exterior of lodge and cabins
Fishing after successful hunt.
September & October salmon fishing

Guided Moose Hunts: The Chilcotin wilderness is well known for its dense population of Canada moose. Our main lodge at Moose Lake is in the heart of prime BC moose country.

Guided Black Bear Hunts: Hunt dates are May 20-26 and May 27-June 2 and June3-9, when the bears are fresh from hibernation and hides are excellent.
This area has a very high population of LARGE color phase black bears, because of excellent habitat and the fact that it is not over hunted. We mainly hunt them only two weeks in the Spring season when they are fresh out of hibernation and concentrated on feeding areas where they are relatively easy to find and stalk. The hides are excellent at that time, much better than coastal bears because of our colder temperatures. Success rates are very high during this time, averaging 170% for many years, because many hunters will shoot two bears. The hides range in size from 6 feet to 8 feet squared.

Our bear hunting camp is located on a nice lake shore near the North East portion of our hunting territory. The camp is right in great bear hunting, with good feed close by. From our bear camp we drive old logging roads that lead through old logged areas that produce excellent feed for the bears. We are able to spot and stalk the bears without long hikes. Often we can glass them from a distance and judge their size. We pick up the hides at the camp soon after the kill and fly them to the freezer at the lodge, insuring no spoilage occurs. Rainbow trout are plentiful at the bear camp, also at the main lodge at Moose Lake, where you may stay and fish after you have shot your bears.

Follow the link to Guided Black Bear Hunts: for pricing and more information on our bear hunts.

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